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Preserving Summer - Crissi Lee Realty Preserving Summer - Crissi Lee Realty


Preserving Summer

Every year it takes me by surprise. How quickly the anticipation of sun soaked summer days and sultry summer nights, turns into the fall countdown. It’s in these last days of August when my family tries to squeeze in an extra day at the beach, one last drive-in movie, or sleeping in, on what would normally be a “school day”. As thankful as we are for the changing seasons (which always come when we need change the most), the most reluctant farewell is just around the corner. So here are just a few suggestions on preserving summer to make the most out of those precious last days…

  1. ON THE PORCH. Whether it’s your porch, patio, or even just your front lawn and a couple of folding chairs, nothing says summer like long evenings outdoors.  Something about the tinkling of ice in a tall cold glass, bare feet, and just sitting with the ones you love evokes a nostalgia in all of us.
  1. BY THE FIRE. Nothing brings out the storyteller in us all quite like fire. When the temperature drops, why not gather around the fire pit with family and friends? Whether in your own backyard, or at the beach, this is something people of all ages enjoy. One great thing about San Diego living is, it’s only about a 20-30 minute drive for most of us to get to the coast where you can safely enjoy an enchanting outdoor fire.
  1. OUT AND ABOUT. With the abundance of Farmer’s Markets in San Diego, and our amazing weather, a day trip to pick up locally grown fruits, veggies, and food items is both fun and convenient. Gather up some ingredients you love, or some you have wanted to treat yourself to like cheeses, honey, olive oils, and fresh flowers, and gather in the kitchen. Whipping up something delicious, healthy, and local, after spending the day outdoors shopping, is a true simple pleasure. Here is a link to San Diego Farmer’s Markets.

Live Well,

Crissi Lee